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Salmon Run the Next Wave is a sequel to Salmon Run in Splatoon 3. Like the original Salmon Run in Splatoon 2, it is a multiplayer co-op game with 2-4 players. The job is to defeat the Boss Salmonids and collect their golden eggs. The use for these collected golden eggs is still unknown as of June 2022.

New things

In the trailer for Salmon Run Next Wave you can see new features that weren't in Splatoon 2.

New Boss Salmonids:

2 new Boss Salmonids have been added to Salmon Run: Next Wave.

  • Fish Stick: Fish Stick is a kind of pillar that is hooked to the ground and from which hang a series of small salmonids that shoot ink. To finish off the Fish Stick, just climb said pillar by inking it, and when you're up, kill all the small salmonids hanging from said pillar to get 3 Golden Eggs.
  • Flipper-Flopper: Flipper-Flopper attacks inklings/octolings by launching himself up. When up, it throws a ring of ink at a player, which automatically covers that area with enemy ink, making it difficult for the player to escape. The Flipper-Flopper is then thrown downward crushing the player and splatting said player instantly.


In Salmon Run Next Wave you can throw the Golden Eggs you have collected at your teammates, and you can also throw them from a distance towards the Egg Basket.

King Salmonid:

The main threat in this game mode will be the King Salmonid, a giant salmonid similar to a Cohock, only much more bigger. The King Salmonid also has a resemblance to Maws.