The Salmonids are a species of fish creatures who are the main antagonists and enemies in the Salmon Run mode, introduced in Splatoon 2. The ink color that associates with Salmonids is green.


Like Octarians, an appearance of a Salmonid varies between what type, including a Boss Salmonid. Basically, they resemble real-life salmon, but have big, green, googly eyes, big mouths with crooked teeth and have huge fins.


Salmonids were recently sighted along the irradiated waters outside Inkopolis, having participated on their Salmon Runs in every 70 years. They can swim freely in the water (which instead splats Inklings) and can walk on land. They are also known for collecting resources for their society.

Salmonids also tend to be aggressive and warlike. They also use frying pans as their weapons, likely passed down from humans.

Types of Salmonids

Lesser Salmonids

Boss Salmonids

Boss Salmonids require skill and strategy to defeat them. When defeated, they drop Golden Eggs, which you need to collect to add enough to the basket and meet your quota in each wave.


  • The Salmonids are based on the salmon fish, which are native to the North Atlantic and the shores of the Northern Pacific Ocean. A species of salmon, known as the huchen (HOO-ken, HOO-hen), exists in the Danube river basin of Eastern Europe.


Gameplay Sprite Images


Chum, Smallfry, and Cohock, three of the different kinds of Salmonids


Lesser Salmonids

Boss Salmonids

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