Seekers are a type of Sub Weapon in Splatoon.


Upon deployment, Seekers chase after the closest enemy to them, leaving a trail of ink in their wake. Upon reaching the targeted enemy, they explode in a burst of ink. However, they cannot track an enemy hiding in their own ink. If an enemy is swimming in squid form, the Seeker will stop tracking them, and continue on straight forward. The Seeker will also stop tracking anything and completely stop and self-destruct, splatting people who are in range from the opposing side. Seekers also resemble motorboats.


  • Use the Seeker to take out enemies who are outside of range and are too difficult to hit.
  • The Seeker's ink trail can be used as a pathway to swim into the battlefield.
  • Use the Seeker to ambush enemies while taking turf back.
  • Using the Seeker as a last resort before being splatted can earn the player a splat after they are splatted, as Seekers keep moving whether the user is splatted or not.
  • The Seeker can be used last second to create a trail of ink for a few points.


  • Seekers can't make tight turns, so moving to the side is a great way to dodge them
  • The most efficient way of dodging a Seeker is to jump over them. They will move on and try to find someone else to splat.
  • Seekers can be shot and destroyed, which prevents them from doing anything at all.
  • Be aware if any opponents have the Seeker as their sub-weapon. That way, the player can know their moves and dodge them before they can do anything.
  • If there is nothing the player can do and dodging is not possible, they must get away as quickly as possible. Squid Form is the best option for escape and having Running Speed or Swim Speed up with gear can greatly improve the chance of escaping.
  • Some abilities and weapons such as the Inkbrush and the Kraken can also help with avoiding the Seeker.


Main Sub Special
Aerospray MG Seeker Inkzooka

.52 Gal Deco

Seeker Inkstrike
Carbon Roller Deco Seeker Bomb Rush
Rapid Blaster Pro Seeker Inkzooka
Tri-Slosher Nouveau Seeker Echolocator

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チェイスボム Chase bomb
French (NA) Bombe radar Radar bomb
French (EU) Traqueur Tracker


  • This is one of two Sub Weapons that does not return for the sequel.
    • Its abilities were split up in two for Splatoon 2.
      • Its abilities to go straight and ink turf while travelling is acquired by the Curling Bomb, and the tracking component is given to the Autobomb.
    • The only other Sub Weapon to not return for Splatoon 2 is the Disruptor, which was likely replaced by the Toxic Mist.
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