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You're looking fairly fresh!
— Sheldon

Horseshoe Crab and Weapon Expert.
— Sheldon's Description

Sheldon (Japanese: ブキチ Bukichi) is a horseshoe crab who owns Ammo Knights, a weapons store, at the Inkopolis Galleria.


This section contains spoilers for Hero Mode or Octo Expansion.
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In Splatoon 2, he joins the New Squidbeak Splatoon to assist Marie and Agent 4 in rescuing her cousin Callie from DJ Octavio's control, personally driving his truck, with the Squid Sisters' logo on the sides and a stage on top of the trailer for Marie, into the stadium where Agent 4 was battling DJ Octavio and Callie, allowing Marie to shoot DJ Octavio's hypnoshades off Callie and attempt to override Bomb Rush Blush with Tide Goes Out, until she begins playing Calamari Inkantation, which breaks Callie completely free of DJ Octavio's spell, and she rejoins her cousin on Sheldon's truck to perform the song together once more.
— Sheldon

Sheldon then arms Agent 4 with a modded Rainmaker to take down DJ Octavio and his Octobot King II once and for all. DJ Octavio attempts to escape, but Agent 4 damages the Octobot King II enough that it malfunctions and crashes back into the arena, leaving DJ Octavio vulnerable for Agent 4 to hit directly with the Rainmaker, resulting in the Octobot King II swelling up like a balloon before exploding into tons of Agent 4's ink, resulting in DJ Octavio's capture and imprisonment once more. Sheldon then returns to Inkopolis to resume running Ammo Knights.

After Agent 4 destroys the Octo Oven, Octoboss of Tentakeel Outpost, Sheldon provides access to his Ammo Knights Enhancifier back where Marie is first met in Tentakeel Outpost so Agent 4 can upgrade their weapons or unlock sub weapons using the Power Eggs and Sardinium collected during the stages.

If Agent 4 clears every stage in Octo Canyon with one of the Hero Weapons, Sheldon will have a replica of it available for purchase from Ammo Knights, and will reward Agent 4 with tickets for the Crust Bucket if they clear each stage in Octo Canyon with all nine Hero Weapons.

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Personality and traits

Sheldon is a genuine military fanatic and is fascinated by his weapons. He has developed nearsightedness due to staying up late every night messing around with small parts.[1]

Though he is a horseshoe crab, Sheldon wears his whole shell on his head, like a hat. He also wears a pair of orange goggles with a black strap, a khaki scout uniform with many badges/patches, a pair of polished dark brown boots, and a red scarf around his neck. He has buck teeth and pale yellow skin.


  • Sheldon's name comes from the word "shell," as he is a horseshoe crab which is a species known to have shells.
  • Ammoses Shellendorf can be seen standing behind Cap'n Cuttlefish.

    Sheldon's grandfather, Ammoses Shellendorf, has blueprints that are acquired from beating each boss in Hero Mode. There are five blueprints total, which include the blueprints for the Hero Shot Replica.
    • There also are three more blueprints obtained after completing the DJ Octavio challenges of the amiibos.
    • Ammoses Shellendorf was the most likely individual who stood behind Cap'n Cuttlefish in a photograph of them during the Great Turf Wars.
    • Sheldon is crucial to Hero Mode as he was the one who made the upgrader along with the modified Rainmaker that was used to defeat DJ Octavio.



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