Shifty Station is a stage which Marina helped build, however, it is only available during Splatfests.

True to its name, the map is never the same between two Splatfests, as Marina customizes it with each Splatfest, so each time it is played on during a Splatfest, the layout is different from the previous Splatfest. Hence why the logo for Shifty Station is simple a gray-scale picture of Marina's logo from Off the Hook.

One example of this is during the Squid vs. Octopus Splatfest, where Shifty Station was designed with three gates that could only be opened by popping the large octopus or squid tentacles that acted as the locks for the gates, with the octopus ones looking like the boss tentacle from Octo Canyon, and the squid ones looking like larger versions of the shooting range targets at Ammo Knights.

Another example is the more recent version released for the 48-hour long Frosty Fest Family vs. Friends Splatfest, where Shifty Station was designed with one Bounce Pad and two Flooders on each side of the map, with the Flooders on the Player's side of the map being friendly as the Ink they spread under them won't splat the Player or their teammates if they choose to go under the Flooder and into the shower of ink they are dispensing to escape enemy fire. The Flooders still have their programming to detect and track enemy players to try and splat them under their ink showers, but this can be used to distract them for teammates to slip by and ink more turf while the Flooders are focused on the player that got their attention.