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Shrimp Kicks

Shrimp Kicks (Japanese: エビスシューズ Ebisu Shoes) is a store owned by Crusty Sean. It sells shoes that can be purchased with money from Multiplayer matches and amiibo challenges. The merchandise changes daily.


  • The word "Ebisu" in the store's Japanese name seems to come from the Japanese god of fishermen and luck, Ebisu. And "ebi" means lobster or prawn.
  • Crusty Sean's name is a play on the word "crustacean," which is the name for a group of aquatic animals, including shrimp, which is the species of Crusty Sean himself.
  • The "Kicks" part of the title, is very likely taken from the shoe store "Kicks" in Animal Crossing: New Leaf , run by the skunk of the same name. This is notable due to both games being made by the same development team.


Names in other languages

Language Name Notes
French (NA) Crustapied From crustacean and pied (foot).

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