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The Slosher is a Main Slosher weapon in Splatoon and Splatoon 2. It was released during the large update on August 5th and 6th.


The Slosher throws a large amount of ink at once that travels in a mid-ranged arc. Because the ink travels in an arc, ink can be thrown over walls to splat opponents. It comes with the Burst Bomb as its Sub Weapon and the Inkstrike as its Special Weapon.

Weapon Quote

"A weapons-grade bucket that hurls ink straight ahead over an impressive range. By adjusting the angle, it can be used to hit opponents who are up high or even on the other side of a wall."


Sloshers generally have mid range and can cover alot of space with ink very quickly. Sloshers also have an offensive purpose due to the large quantites of ink that can be chucked at one time.

The Slosher is mid-ranged weapon and with its decent handling it can spread ink quickly. The Slosher has high damage which can splat opponents with two chuck of this weapons.  They are equipped with the reliable Burst Bomb for consistent pressure against multiple enemies and the Inkstrike to provide assistances to your teammates. 

What should be realized is that the damages of the ink is greatly reduced if you shoot from above: The main bulk deal only 30 when fired from really high (70 at base), and the trail is lowered to 20 (deal 40 when at the same height as the target). The damages are gradually reduced between those two heights (way above and same height). The main fact here is to make clear that if you shoot from a high place, yes you'll cover a lot, you'll easily find enemies but won't quickly defeat them and so you may appear as vulnerable sometimes.

Tips against each weapon type

  • Shooter-type weapons will vary as far as what specific weapon your enemy is using. For something you outrange, such as a Blaster, abuse your range, and if they get too close smack them with a Burst Bomb. Against enemies who outrange you, such as the Jet Squelcher, deter their advance with a Burst Bomb and find new turf to take.
  • Roller-type are the easiest to handle as you generally outrange them. Exploit your range and be sure to use your  Burst Bomb to splat them if they are out of range.
  • Charger-type weapons can be an issue, but sloshers are great at dealing with them. The best way to face a Charger is to get the jump on them, or team up against them with an ally. If you're behind a wall close to the Charger, you can throw a couple Burst Bomb to scare them back. Try to hide at the bottom of a ledge, and splat them when they move into range.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バケットスロッシャー Bucket Slosher
French (NA) Seauceur seau means bucket.
German Schwapper Slosher


Splatoon Slosher Training Area

Splatoon Slosher Training Area

Slosher in the Training Area.

Splatoon - Slosher Weapon in Turf Wars (August Update - 60fps)

Splatoon - Slosher Weapon in Turf Wars (August Update - 60fps)

Slosher in action.