The Sloshing Machine Neo is a Main Weapon in Splatoon. It is a weapon of the Slosher class, and the Neo variant of the Sloshing Machine. Like its base variant, it is a slower firing, but more powerful version of the base Slosher. It was added to Splatoon on January 9th, 2016. Its sub weapon is the Point Sensor, while its special weapon is the Inkzooka.


The Sloshing Machine Neo was the final Slosher weapon added to Splatoon.

Strategies against other weapons

  • Shooters can be problematic, especially the long range ones. Use the Inkzooka to snipe them, or flank them and destroy them. You will almost always win the damage output.
  • Chargers are your worst enemy. The long range that they posses pose a major threat to you. The Point Sensor is important in such engagements, becasue they will track your opponent, making a win easier
  • Rollers are your most favorable matchup, as you outclass them in range. Just know your range, and you'll do great.
  • Sloshers can be tough. Other Sloshing Machines in particular can be hard to engage properly. Keep mobile at all times, and take advantage of any openings you see- these are vital.
  • Splatlings are easy if you are quick. If you get them before they charge, it's an easy win, but if they start shooting, get out of the way very quickly
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