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The Smallfry is a standard smaller/Lesser Salmonid that are fought in Salmon Run. They are a weaker variant of Chum.


Smallfries are very small versions of Chums, with out of proportion eyes bulging out of the sides of their heads and a tuft of orange hair growing. They wield small plastic spoons, and they also have a small tuft of orange hair used as a mohawk. They always appear in groups, never alone.


Smallfries are easily the weakest enemy in Salmon Run. They have very low health and can be splatted with ease. To make up for their low damage and health, Smallfries are a lot faster than other Salmonids and they always appear in groups. They charge at the player, leaving a thin trail of dark green ink where they've moved.

The Griller boss that appears when there is a high tide and the time is night will be accompanied by many Smallfries, and said boss can also create more. When there is not a high tide, they usually spawn in groups of 3 or more individual Smallfries.


  • Unlike the other regular Salmonid units, Smallfries wield small plastic spoons instead of frying pans, most likely due to the fact that they aren't strong enough to hold one.
  • The (possibly) most elite Smallfries are seen operating Flyfish.
  • A Smallfry was seen in the Splatoon 3 announcement trailer. It was at the beginning where the customization screen was shown alongside the player's Inkling (or, if chosen by the player, Octoling). The Smallfry was titled Little Buddy, and is customizable with seven different hairstyles.