The Splash Wall is a Sub Weapon in Splatoon.


  • The Splash Wall forms a temporary barrier of falling Ink, preventing enemy fire from passing through. Opponents will take 60 damage and be knocked back if they attempt to walk through the Splash Wall, but the player who spawned the item's teammates will be able to with no effect. These players will also be able to shoot through the wall. A similar weapon is also used by the Octarians in Octo Valley in the form of the Flooder.


Main Sub Special
Jet Squelcher Splash Wall Inkstrike
.52 Gal Splash Wall Killer Wail
.96 Gal Deco Splash Wall Kraken
Range Blaster Splash Wall Inkstrike
Heavy Splatling Splash Wall Inkstrike
Bamboozler 14 MK I Splash Wall Killer Wail
Slosher Deco Splash Wall Kraken


  • When the Splash Wall is shot by enemy ink, the time remaining until it despawns begins depleting faster. Remaining time can be viewed in an ink-filled tube in the middle of the weapon.
  • You can only have one wall out at a time
  • If you throw a wall on an opponent, it will splat them


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スプラッシュシールド Splash shield
French (NA) Mur d'encre Ink wall
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