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This page involves something that has not been specifically named. The name Splat Bow is purely conjectural.

This page involves something that has not occurred yet in-game. Information is subject to change, and may not be obtained from official sources.

As mentioned above, the Splat Bow weapon name is not canon, as the name is unknown. This article will change as soon as the name of this bow weapon is revealed.

The Splat Bow is a new weapon in Splatoon 3. It made its first appearance in the Splatoon 3 announcement trailer. Its true name is yet to be revealed.

The Splat Bow seemingly functions in a charger-like manner, although that might not be true based on how on previous beginner weapons were rapid-fire.

In one scene within the trailer, we see it being fired horizontally, likely having two kinds of attacks, like rollers in Splatoon 2. This is seen once again clearly in the Nintendo Switch OLED model announcement trailer. The first shot-type shown, which occured while the player jumped, has three vertical shots that seem to come from the three nozzles, and stray ink between the gaps of each shot, seems to be the attack during/after you jump, similar to the vertical flick of a roller. Another shot shown was on the opposing team, and it was a condensed, compacted projectile of horizontal ink that appears to be an attack taken without/before jumping, quite like the horizontal flick of a roller.



  • In the Splatoon 3 announcement trailer, you can see the bow let loose a twinkle at one point, in a manner similar to a fully charged charger.
  • Its design seems to be based on a fishing rod, using the reel and string.
  • The bow appears to be a charger-like weapon, however there seemingly isn't a line of sight, or charge meter, like with other chargers.