The Splat Charger (Spraytan or Compact Spraytan in several versions) is a Main Charger Weapon in Splatoon and Splatoon 2, and the first Charger available in the game. It is in a set with the Splat Bomb and Bomb Rush. Unlike most weapons, the Splat Charger must be charged. The more it is charged, the farther the ink will go. It also creates a thick line of ink, rather than a blob. This weapon is the most basic form of Charger-type weapons in Splatoon and Splatoon 2 and in Splatoon 2 it has a Sting Ray and a Splat Bomb.

Weapon Quote

"Charges up before releasing a concentrated, high-powered burst with excellent range. Charging takes a while, so be careful not to open yourself up to attack!”


  • The Splat Charger was one of four weapons used in the Splatoon Global Testfire.
  • Visually, it resembles a pipette, and the design may be based off one.
  • The Hero Charger Replica has the same stats, Sub and special as the Splat Charger just with a different design.


Charger-type weapons generally are not used to cover as much turf as the Shooter or Roller weapon types. Instead, they provide cover and/or pressure to high traffic areas of the map, as well as key choke points, allowing the rest of the team to move more freely.

For the standard Splat Charger, you'll want to find key vantage points that allow you to keep your distance and pick off opponents that pop up into your view. A good example is the central pillar that overlooks the stage on Blackbelly Skatepark. The Splat Bomb gives you ways to deal with enemies who try to hide around corners, as well as discourage pursuers if thrown close to yourself. Finally, Bomb Rush can be used as a particularly effective means of advancing in certain stages that have narrow passages, or to cover a large area relatively quickly.

Tips for facing each weapon type

Shooter-type weapons can give you trouble if they get close enough, and although the overall fight will play out differently depending on the specific weapon you're facing, the general idea is to not let them close. Back up if they're getting close enough to make you uncomfortable. Your Splat Bomb can be used if they duck out of sight into a narrow space to force them out.

Sloshers are designed to counter splat chargers. They can easily surround you with ink, preventing escape. They can also splat you in only 2 shots, as well as if you are on a ledge. Watch out for any sloshers who try to sneak up on you.

Roller-type weapons are the easiest targets for Chargers, aside from the Inkbrush, because they move slower than normal while doing their job, and unless they're trying to dodge your shot, they're fairly predictable as far as their path goes. If they get to a spot you can't reach them at, find another vantage point if you feel uncomfortable, or wait for a teammate to pick them off so you can hold your ground.

Charger-type weapons are all about getting a sneaky shot in. Because you both can hit each other at relatively the same range, you'll be looking for chances to shoot them while they're not looking. Keeping your vantage point is important in this matchup, so your team can stay ahead, but be wary of where you might be shot from if you're not paying attention.

Beneficial Abilities

Cold-Blooded is great for this set, since you'll mostly be stationary and want to be unseen as much as possible. Ink Resistance Up is great as well in case an enemy tries to sneak in behind you, making it easier to get away if they've gotten some ink at your feet. Special Charge Up is also great for this set, since it lets you cover a large amount of area quickly, as well as zone the enemy out. Tenacity can also be used in tandem with this. Haunt can also be greatly put to work here, in case you have trouble with enemy Chargers picking you off, but that means Cold Blooded can't be used.

Names in other languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese スプラチャージャー Splat Charger
French (NA) Concentraceur
German Klecks-Konzentrator Splat Concentrator




Splat Charger in action

Splatoon 2's Weapons

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