Splat Zones
Type Online multiplayer
Players 8
Ranked Yes
Weapons All
Controllers Gamepad

Splat Zones (Japanese: ガチエリア Gachi-Eria / Real Earnest Areas) is one of the Ranked Battle modes in Splatoon and Splatoon 2. It was released once enough players reached Level 10, and likewise, only players at Level 10 or higher can participate.


Splat Zones was announced on March 23, 2015 when video game journalists from around the world were invited to a Nintendo event in Seattle, Washington. It was revealed that this mode would not be available at launch, but would instead be released at a later, unspecified, time. Later, this time was revealed to be when enough players reached Level 10, which occurred on June 1, 2015, a mere 2 days after the game's launch.


Splat Zones plays similarly to other videogames' "King of the Hill" modes. With a five-minute game clock and 100 points for each team, players must attempt to cover central "zones" in ink. Once a team has covered a majority of the zone in their ink, the zone is "captured", and points are gradually subtracted from that team's score. The opposing team must try to capture the zone in the same manner. The first team to hold the zone long enough to have a score of 0, or the team with the least amount of points left to hold the zone, wins the match. 

Controlling the zone causes a team's points to start counting down. Losing control stops that team's countdown clock. If the opposition takes control of the zone, their clock begins counting down again, while the former team's receives a penalty. When a team takes back a zone, they must first hold it long enough to count down the penalty before their points can start decreasing de facto. The penalty increases when the teams countdown timer is lower.

If the losing team is in control of the zone as the five-minute game clock runs out, the game goes into overtime. If the team in the lead can recapture the zone, they will win; however, if the losing team keeps control of the zone until their countdown timer has less points than the opposition, they will win.


  • Try not to stay in the Splat Zones for too long because you would be easily splatted by enemies and caused a big area of their ink. Try splatting ink from outside of the Splat Zones.
  • If you were splatted, try not to Super Jump to the location that near the Splat Zones which can be easily found by enemies. You can start again from the respawn point and ink the unpainted ground to charge the special weapon gauge when moving through the Splat Zones.
  • Inkstrike and Bomb Rush are the special weapons that would be helpful for breaking enemy team's countdown and regain the Splat Zones.


  • If both teams didn't get any countdown in the 5 minutes match, the system would randomly choose one of the team won by 1 count (5p).[1]


Splatoon - Splat Zones Multiplayer Gameplay (1080p60fps - Wii U)

Splatoon - Splat Zones Multiplayer Gameplay (1080p60fps - Wii U)



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