The Squid Beakon is a Sub Weapon in the game Splatoon.


The Squid Beakon is a stationary unit that allows the user and their teammates to super jump to its location. It shows up as a small icon on the map, and is visible to both teams. It lasts until it's either destroyed by the enemy team or when the player or one of their teammates uses it. Up to three beacons can be placed down at any one time. If the user attempts to place another beacon after three have already been placed, they will do so but the earliest active beacon placed will be destroyed in the process.


  • Place it in hidden areas where an Inkling can find it difficult to reach.
  • Place at least a few behind their team to splat unsuspecting enemies.
  • Wearing Stealth Jump gear can make the player a deadly assassin, as it allows them to jump to the beacon in secret.
  • Place a Squid Beakon upon landing since it goes away when jumped on
  • Squid Beacons can be used as makeshift walls, mainly for snipers. They cover less space, but last until hit by an opponent


  • If a Squid Beakon is found, destroy it immediately as it allows Inklings to jump towards the location without their teammates in the area.
  • Chargers can snipe beacons if they are too hard to reach. Keep that in mind when sniping.
  • You can spawn-camp an Inkling if they don't have Stealth Jump gear on.


Main Sub Special
Krak-On Splat Roller Squid Beakon Kraken
Custom E-Liter 3K Squid Beakon Kraken
Custom Dual Squelcher Squid Beakon Killer Wail
Sploosh-o-matic Squid Beakon Killer Wail


Squid Beakon Kraken

Custom E-liter 3K Scope

Squid Beakon Kraken


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジャンプビーコン Jump Beacon
French (NA) Balise de saut Jump Beacon
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