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This group of squid punks is the Squid Squad. They’re one of Inkopolis’s hottest acts, and their tracks can be heard as background music during many of the Inkling Turf Wars. Sadly, their shows sell out instantly and they’re always being mobbed by fans, so they don’t make public appearances very often.
— Live from Squid Research Lab

The Squid Squad is a musical band in Splatoon. They’re one of Inkopolis' "hottest acts", and their music can be heard as background music during many of the Inklings' Turf Wars. Their shows sell out very quickly, and because they are often mobbed by fans, they don't make many public appearances. Their newest album is called Fresh Kids, the various songs of which are used in multiplayer battles. They have disbanded as of Splatoon 2, with each member pursuing their own career path. However, in Front Roe, Namida, Murasaki and Ichiya are all there.



The keyboardist is the group's only girl. The melodies she weaves reveal a foundation in deep-sea squid funk that's truly on another level.
— Live from the Squid Research Lab

NAMIDA is the band's synthesizer player, a skilled musician with some knowledge of jazz theory. She is described as being the craziest member of the band, and goes by a number of nicknames, including "Mida-chan", "Master Namida", "Naminami", and "Girl from Planet Namik".


This guy handles lead vocals and guitar in the Squid Squad, and he writes most of the music and lyrics, too. Well, he never actually learned to read music, but he's got a gift for rippin' phat guitar riffs, and most importantly he's got that rockstar charm to inspire the other members to greatness.
— Live from the Squid Research Lab

ICHIYA is the band's lead vocalist and guitarist. He is selfish, and has the temperament of a prodigy, though he knows nothing about music theory and simply makes songs with flashy guitar riffs, though others are drawn to his charm. He enjoys taking walks as a hobby.


The bass player is the group's oldest member. He's one cool customer who doesn't show much emotion, but make no mistake, he's the backbone of this band. He's always the first one at soundcheck, and the last one to leave the stage at the end of the encore.
— Live from the Squid Research Lab

Ikkan is the band's bassist. Although he appears stoic, he is passionate about music. He attempted to draw out ICHIYA's potential, but was relatively distant from the rest of the band, as he views Squid Squad as little more than a passing fad. He is usually expressionless and only makes slight movements when playing.


The drummer's a bit rough around the edges. They call him wild child for a reason. This youngster's sense of rhythm is uncanny, and when it matters most, his sticks are always there to lead the way with a wicked beat barrage. He really gives his all on stage—if you look closely you might catch him weeping during a drum solo.
— Live from the Squid Research Lab

MURASAKI is the band's drummer. He has a lot of energy and potential, but does not use a wide variety of techniques, with his drum fills simply being a repeated hit of the snare.



  • The band members' names are sushi references:
    • NAMIDA is wasabi used by a sushi chef. It also means "tear".
    • ICHIYA comes from "ichiya zushi" (一夜鮨, lit. "one-night sushi"), a kind of fermented sushi.
    • Ikkan is simply from the word "ikkan" (一貫), a unit for sushi.
    • MURASAKI is soy sauce used by a sushi chef. It also means "dark blue violet".
  • It is hinted in the liner notes for Splatune that the song Now or Never!, performed by at least four different musical acts in the franchise (Squid Squad, Squid Sisters, Wet Floor, and Off The Hook), was originally made by Squid Squad.
  • A Squid Squad circular sticker seen on their album cover can be seen on the Splatoon 3's trailers.
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