The Squidbeak Splatoon is a secret organisation of Inklings who fight the Octarians.

There are three known Squidbeak Splatoons throughout the timeline of Splatoon.

First Squidbeak Splatoon


The first Squidbeak Splatoon.

At the second year of the Great Turf Wars, this group was formed. This group of four fighters consisted of three Inklings and possibly Sheldon's grandfather, Ammoses Shellendorf. The person sitting in front of Ammoses was their leader, most likely a younger Cap'n Cuttlefish.

Second Squidbeak Splatoon

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Cap'n Cuttlefish recruiting the player into the new Squidbeak Splatoon.

Around a hundred years later, a new Squidbeak Splatoon was formed by the now-elderly Cap'n Cuttlefish, who selected the player and his granddaughters Callie and Marie to be its members. They conducted raids against the weakened Octarians to rescue the Great Zapfish and its spawn, before defeating DJ Octavio.

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Third Squidbeak Splatoon

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While Marie was looking for her lost cousin Callie, she organised a new Squidbeak Splatoon of her own, with the returning player as one of its possible members.


  • "Splatoon" is a portmanteau of "splat" and "platoon".