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The Steel Eel is one of the ten (10) types of Boss Salmonid that are fought in Salmon Run.


The Steel Eel is a large mechanical eel piloted by a Salmonoid made up of a metal head with glowing orange "eyes", middle segments that spray the ground with green ink, similar to Splash Walls, and the tail segment in which the pilot sits in. When the pilot is splatted, the Steel Eel breaks apart from the tail up to the head with a resounding chain of clanking metal as it self-destructs. However, care should still be taken, as the Steel Eel's head will still be dangerous for a few seconds after the pilot is splatted before blowing apart itself.


The Steel Eel's only form of attack is chasing the player and trying to make contact. However, touching any part of the body will do at least 50 damage a player. Combine this high damage with the moderate speed of the boss and the chaos of the battle can make the Steel Eel a deadly foe.

How to Defeat

The Steel Eel is made out of metal and enemy ink, making it impossible to defeat. So, the driver on the back of the Steel Eel must be splatted in order to defeat.

Salmonid Field Guide

This section is quoted from the Salmonid Field Guide:
Basic Information

  • A weapon made of connected ink-spraying devices for the suppression of large areas.
  • Locks on to and relentlessly pursues a single target.

Attack Behavior

  • Its extensive length is used to block routes while it rains down ink.


  • Can be neutralized by shooting the driver in the very rear of the Steel Eel.

Supporting Information

  • The driver of the Steel Eel wears a mask to protect itself from the spray generated by the machine.
  • The great length of the Steel Eel is attributable to the large number of interconnected ink-sprayers used to create it.

Tips and Strategies

  • Steel Eels are important to defeat as they can easily block-off and trap players.
  • To defeat the boss, you must splat the Salmonid pilot located in the last segment of the boss, while avoiding its body.
    • Because of this, it is highly recommended to take on this boss with a teammate, with one player luring the boss away and the other attacking the exposed pilot.
  • Players with chargers that have a good vantage point can easily take out this boss due to their long range.
  • The pilot will look at the player it is targeting.
  • Even though the pilot has 500 HP, it is possible to take it down in one hit using a fully-charged E-liter 4K.


Names in other languages

Language Name Notes
Staal Steel, but aal also means eel
Carnacier From carnage and acier (steel)
Deutsch Staal From Stahl (steel) and Aal (eel)
Anguilmone From anguilla (eel) and Salmone (Salmon)
From гром grom (roar) and хариус kharius (grayling)
Spanish (NOE)
Raspoide From raspa, meaning "fishbone" or "spine"
Spanish (NOA)
Anguiladera From anguila (eel)


  • A Grizzco Slosher can shoot through a Steal Eel's splash walls.