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The Stinger is one of the 8 types of Boss Salmonid in Salmon Run.


The Stinger's appearance strongly resembles Chum, but it has an added scope on its left eye. This scope is connected to a mouth nozzle for him to blow a deadly blast at the players. The Stinger is also known to stand on the top of a tower of pots and pans stacked on top of a stove burner.


An example of how to attack a Stinger.

  • Get to it fast and fire at the pots to knock them off one by one until the Stinger falls onto the burner, which will splat it, destroying both the Stinger and the burner.
  • Rapid fire weapons work well for a swift defeat.


It fires a weapon similar to a Sting Ray from atop its tower. Its range varies, as it may either shoot at a player from the other side of the map, or at a player that's within, for example, a 10-foot radius of him.

More than one stinger can target a player, mostly this happens if the team doesn't defeat the stingers.


  • The Boss Salmonid fights similarly to the Gamyga from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. They were both on bases and shoots laser-like attacks.
  • They boil ink in their pots so they can get enough pressure to fire long distances.
  • If up close, the Stinger makes a funny sound.