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A Sunken Scroll.

Sunken Scrolls (Japanese: ミステリーファイル Misuterii Fairu / Mystery Files) are items found in Splatoon's Hero Mode.

List of Sunken Scrolls

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Sunken Scrolls appear to be lost pages that depict the history and lore of Inkopolis. One can be found in each single player stage.


  • Sunken Scroll #23 shows a music score of the main melody of the Squid Sisters's song played during the 2nd phase of the final boss.
  • Sunken Scroll #26 shows a Wii U Pro Controller tied to a Wii Remote with the buttons L, R, B and down on the D-Pad in red. This is a probably a refrence to the fact that in the Battle Dojo, if the player using the TV presses these same buttons on the starting screen, motion controls will become available when using the Pro Controller.
  • If you flip through all the scrolls while looking at the bottom right corner (where you can see a doodle), it becomes a flip-animation, with a zapfish turning into Judd, and then Judd turning into Sheldon.