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The Chirpy Chips (JP: ABXY) are a band of four in Inkopolis that provide music for multiplayer matches. Their style of music is similar to that of the Chiptune music genre, which is composed of rock elements and a synth that sounds similar to notes in 8 or 16 bit game soundtracks. They first appeared in the v2.0.0 update and the v3.0.0 update for both Splatoon and Splatoon 2 respectively.



The drummer. He is a crab with an image from the UI on his shirt, a four legged black jeans with a loose belt and two pairs of black shoes.

He's the band's oldest member and have played for a number of other bands in the past, gaining a strong reputation with their musical techniques. He almost never takes the lead, an instead focus on supporting the others. He's usually easygoing but known to quietly snap once a year.

NOIJI (ノイジー)

The guitarist and backup vocalist. He is an Inkling with a purple mohawk, a paint-stained shirt, black shorts and a pair of bright green shoes.

He's an energetic outgoing guy and the happy face of the band. He was once part of a band called BariBari and formed the new band with Ryan later on.

PARUKO (パル子)

The lead vocalist and synth player/keyboardist. She is sea anemone girl, with a black clown fish in her tentacles as her companion. She wears a yellow and gray striped cap, a t-shirt with green and pink symbols on it (possibly with frills on the end, unknown if that is a skirt hidden within her t-shirt) and blue trainers with large tongues and white soles. Her hair is a light-pinkish colour that comes down in long, thick strands, with some of them having purple hair bands on them. She's pale and with a drill drop always pending out her mouth. Her eyes have green irises and a pink sclera.

She's usually relaxed and goes her own flow, but often feels unmotivated and gets late to practice.

In performance she often lip-syncs since her voice is altered in the music. On stage she uses peculiar movements and talks in a loose manner between songs which is popular among fans.

She's in charge of the band visuals, noticing her fashion sense.

RYAN (ライアン)

The bassist and the band's compositor. He is an unknown green creature (possibly a flapjack octoling) with black and red hair wearing a shirt with a reference to The Dark Side of the Moon. He's the band's composer, but also writes his own music quietly.

He's shy and does things his own pace. He's said to be a geeky type who likes outdated and weird things.



Splatoon 2


  • The vocalist's favorite character in the Metal Gear Solid video game series is Huey Emmerich.
  • The band's name in the Japanese version is "ABXY", which is a reference to the Japanese chiptune band YMCK.
    • It is also a reference to the A, B, X, and Y buttons, usually found on most gaming controllers and consoles.
  • Dialogue in Tentakeel Outpost reveals that the Chirpy Chips is Marie's favorite band.
  • It's said that Paruko's clown fish is dying due to neglect.
  • Shikaku's name literally means square, maybe reference to his ZL shirt design.