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This is the timeline of the known events of Splatoon and Splatoon 2.

Prior to the Great Turf Wars (12,000 years ago)

  • Around 12,000 years ago - Judd is born.
  • Around 12,000 years ago - A printer used to determine each Splatfest's theme was produced.
  • 12,000 years ago - A human is buried with gaming devices. (Sunken Scroll at Stage 26)
  • 12,000 years ago - A professor created a cryogenic capsule that could freeze someone for thousands of years. At this time, this professor created a Telephone, Tartar, that stored humanity's knowledge, and put in the cryogenic capsule. Judd is also preserved in the cryogenic capsule (Sunken Scroll at Stage 27)
  • 12,000 years ago - Flooding sea levels drown out much of Earth's land, its humans, and its flora and fauna. (Sunken Scroll at Page 25)
  • 12,000-2,000 years ago - For 10,000 years, there was no activity of sentient life.

Mollusk Era (2,000 years ago)

  • 2,000 years ago - Global water levels recede, forcing many marine creatures on what used to be Earth's dry land to evolve and become more intelligent. Some of these creatures also develop a humanoid structure. For example, squids evolve into Inklings, while octopi evolve into Octarians and Octolings. The Mollusk Era begins. (Sunken Scrolls at Stages 5, 9, and 10)
  • 2,000 years ago - The Inklings begin to use Zapfish as a prized power source. (Sunken Scroll at Stage 1)
  • 2,000 years ago - Judd is released from his capsule, and becomes the judge of the earliest known Turf Wars. (Sunken Scroll at Stage 4)

The Great Turf War and surrounding events (100 years ago and after)

  • Before 100 years ago - Inkopolis and Calamari County are founded. Calamari County's customary chorus is composed to celebrate and respect the bounty of the sea.
  • Around 100 years ago - Cap'n Cuttlefish and DJ Octavio are born. They later become the respective leaders of the Inklings and the Octarians. (Sunken Scroll at Stage 16)
  • 100 years ago - Sea levels rise again, forcing the Inklings and Octarians to fight over the remaining dry land. Around that time, the Octarians build the Great Octoweapons. (Sunken Scroll at Stage 16)
  • 99 years ago - Cap'n Cuttlefish forms the Squidbeak Splatoon with three other members (possibly including someone who appears to be Sheldon's grandfather, Ammoses Shellendorf) as its leader. (Sunken Scroll at Stage 15)
  • After 99 years ago - Ammoses Shellendorf creates five (or eight) blueprints for weapons, including one for the Hero Shot Replica.
  • After 99 years ago - The Octarians were victorious through the course of the Great War, aided by their Great Octoweapons. However, a plug being pulled off deactivated their weaponry, allowing their Inkling enemies to prevail and defeat them. The Octarians were later forced into hiding into Octo Valley, where they built and lived in underground domes. (Sunken Scrolls at Stages 13 and 14)
  • After 99 years ago - The Turf Wars become a popular competitive sport instead of a serious conflict, as they used to be 2,000 years ago.

Splatoon (present day)

  • Around 30 years ago - DJ Octavio begins his career as a disk jockey.
  • Around 30 - The Octarians' underground domes show signs of collapsing, and begin to lose power. (Sunken Scroll at Stage 6)
  • Around 20 years ago - Pearl is born.
  • Around 20 years ago - Marie and Callie (The Squid Sisters) are born in Calamari County.
  • Around 18 years ago - Agent 3, Agent 4 and Agent 8 are born.
  • ? - Inkopolis hosts its first annual Youth Folk-Singing Contest. Marie and Callie win the contest, and their career and fame as singers begin. (Sunken Scroll at Stage 17) Pearl is kicked out of the same contest. (Sunken Scroll at Stage 1 in Splatoon 2)
  • Around 18 years ago- Marina is born.
  • ? - Annie, Moe, Crusty Sean, Jelonzo, and Sheldon begin operating their shops at Booyah Base. Spyke also works at a back-alley in Inkopolis Plaza.
  • ? - Hightide Era, Squid Squad, and The Chirpy Chips perform their popular music.
  • ? - After moving to Inkopolis, Marie and Callie also begin their career as announcers for Splatfests and other events in Inkopolis News, as the "Squid Sisters".

Hero Mode

This section contains spoilers for Hero Mode or Octo Expansion.
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  • The Octarians steal the Great Zapfish and other Zapfish from Inkopolis to power their homes and the Great Octoweapons, and prepare for war against Inkopolis.
  • Agent 3 enters Inkopolis, and joins Cap'n Cuttlefish's new Squidbeak Splatoon with Marie and Callie (who are Agents 1 and 2), as undercover agents who attempt to rescue Zapfish from the Octarians' control.
  • Agent 3 launches several attacks on Octo Valley to save the Zapfish, and destroy the Great Octoweapons in the process. They also acquire Ammoses Shellendorf's plans afterwards.
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish is abducted and brought to DJ Octavio's lair.
  • Agent 3 fights and defeats DJ Octavio. With the Squid Sisters' help, they bring the Great Zapfish and Cap'n Cuttlefish back to Inkopolis, restoring its power supply. Cap'n Cuttlefish stores DJ Octavio into a snow globe.

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Splatoon 2

(Spoilers for Splatoon 2 below)

Unknown / Before Splatoon 2

  • Grizzco Industries is founded and managed by Mr. Grizz.
  • The Salmonids migrate to the irradiated waters outside Inkopolis as they undergo their Salmon Run for every 70 years. They also prepare to attack Inkopolis.
  • Marina defects from the Octarian army to become a citizen of Inkopolis, and with her friend Pearl they start their own group, Off The Hook. She also becomes a fan of the Squid Sisters.
  • Flow, Bisk, and Jelfonzo begin operating their shops at Inkopolis Galleria, where Sheldon joins them as he relocates his Ammo Knights shop there.

Squid Sisters Stories / Prologue

  • Marie wins the final Splatfest that she and her cousin hosted. No Splatfests occur for a while until the arrival of the new band Off The Hook.
  • Inkopolis Square becomes the new hub for Turf Wars, and Inkopolis News' studio has relocated to one of its buildings.
  • Callie and Marie spend more time apart, in variety shows and music shows respectively.
  • Marie goes to Calamari County to visit her parents, and returns back to Inkopolis. She then searches for Callie.
  • Marie goes to Octo Valley, and finds that Cap'n Cuttlefish's shack has been abandoned, and the snow globe containing DJ Octavio has been broken. DJ Octavio later gathers the defeated Octarians, and establishes their new base at Octo Canyon.
  • The Great Zapfish is stolen again, plunging Inkopolis' residents into unease.
  • Marie goes to Inkopolis Square to seek a recruit to investigate the Octarians, and find Callie.
  • With the Squid Sisters being absent, Off The Hook enters to take their places as musicians and hosts for Inkopolis News. They also host the first Splatfests since the Squid Sisters' absence.

Octo Expansion / Meanwhile

  • During the events of the main story of Splatoon 2, Agent 3 faces off against one last Octoling (who would later be known as Number 10,008 or Agent 8) who had a change of heart after hearing the Calamari Inkantation for the first time. The two battled until an unknown assailant captured all three of them and dragged them into the Deepsea Metro. Agent 8 then loses their memories and works alongside Cap'n Cuttlefish to find Agent 3 and get back to the surface. Here they meet a telephone.
  • Agent 8 then has to complete a series of tasks in order to collect four Thangs to get to the Promised Land. They then meet C.Q. Cumber, the conductor of the Deep Sea Metro, who explains the functionality of the C.Q. 80 system. Pearl and Marina offer their support from the sidelines, allowing Agent 8 to 'skip' some of the more difficult levels if proven too hard for them. However, if Agent 8 choses to accept their help, they can move onto the next level, but miss out on receiving a fully colored Mem Cake.
  • Once Agent 8 collects all four thangs, the telephone assembles the machine that is supposed to bring Cap'n Cuttlefish and Agent 8 back to the surface. This soon proves to be a trap, as the machine itself is actually a blender intended to turn them both into 'Raw Material' for the Sanitized Octarians . Agent 3 manages to break them out, but at the cost of getting knocked unconscious for a good majority of the final battle. Agent 8 later fights a partially-sanitized Agent 3 and eventually manages to get to the surface to stop the telephone's evil plans.
  • The telephone then reveals himself as Commander Tartar, a sentient AI created by a professor as a last ditch effort to aid the development of the next dominant species. Tartar then strayed from his programming, as he was disgusted by the trivial nature of the Inklings and Octarians. He then sought out to create his own 'Master Race' of Sanitized Octarians.
  • After Agent 8 uses Marina's Hyper Bombs and covers the humanoid contraption completely with ink, Pearl uses her Princess Cannon to finish the job, marking another win for the Squidbeak Splatoon. Agent 8 joins Pearl and Marina on their way to Inkopolis Square, Agent 3 goes out on patrol, and Cap'n Cuttlefish returns to the Deepsea Metro to check in on the Denizens of the deep for just a little longer.
  • Marie then checks in on her grandfather to see when he'll come home, preparing a meal for him for when he gets back.


  • A certain Inkling follows Marie to Octo Canyon, where she appoints them as "Agent 4". Together with Sheldon, the three recover young Zapfish from the resurgent Octarians.
  • Sometime between stages, Agent 4 and Marie receive a com link. The voice sounds suspiciously like Callie...
  • Agent 4 and Marie stumble into Callie at DJ Octavio's stage, where they find that she has been brainwashed under DJ Octavio's control. After freeing her from her brainwashing, she and Callie reunite and perform Spicy Calamari Inkantation, helping Agent 4 defeat DJ Octavio.
  • The Great Zapfish is placed once again within Inkopolis.
  • The current Salmon Runs take place to gather Golden Eggs for Grizzco Industries.

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