Tower Control
Type Online multiplayer
Players 8
Ranked Yes
Weapons All
Controllers Gamepad

Tower Control (Japanese: ガチヤグラ Gachi-Yagura / Real Earnest Tower) is one of the Ranked Battle modes in Splatoon and Splatoon 2.


In Tower Control, two teams of four Inklings fight to control a central Tower. The Tower is a tall, navy structure with a grate platform for players to stand on. When a player reaches the top of the Tower and sprays it with ink, it will begin moving on a set path toward enemy territory. If the player standing on the Tower turns into a squid (thereby falling through the grate), falls off the platform, or gets killed, the Tower will begin moving rapidly back to the center. Because of this gameplay element, the player on the Tower is a constant target and must be guarded by teammates on the ground.

If the tower doesn't make it to either team's goal before time runs out, the team that has moved it closest to the opponent's goal will be the winners. If the losing team is in control of the tower as the five-minute game clock runs out, the game goes into overtime. If the team in the lead can neutralize the tower, they will win; however, if the losing team keeps control of the tower until they surpass the opponents, they will win.

If the Tower has already gone a distance that it has gone before, it will go faster until it makes it to the enemy's base.


  • If your teammates were already on the tower, try to support them from the ground and climb up the tower when they were splatted. It would be risky when over two teammates were on the tower and all splatted in the same time.
  • If you used the Super Jump to the teammate on the tower, you will land on the moving tower platform. It can help you support the team quicker but it would be dangerous to become a target, so be careful when you use it.
  • Ink Mine and Splash Wall are the sub weapons that would be helpful for controling the tower.
    • Ink Mine can be used on the tower platform, it can cover ink and blow up the enemies if they wanted to land on the tower.
    • Splash Wall can be used to block the enemies' way toward your territory, placing it on the tower also protect the team from attack.
    • In Splatoon 2, placeable items such as a Splash Wall will be destroyed when the tower touches them.
  • Most of the special weapons are helpful in the last minute rush, especially Bubbler and Kraken when you were on the tower.


  • Tower Control was unveiled during the May 7, 2015 Splatoon-themed Nintendo Direct.
  • The mode was added to Splatoon on July 1, 2015 at 10pm ET (7pm PT)[1]
  • Tower Control is somewhat similar to Team Fortress 2's Payload Race game mode, in which each team must push their cart through enemy territory to reach the finishing point while preventing the enemy team from doing the same.
    • Somewhat ironically, this "Tug-of-War" style Payload mode isn't in any official TF2 maps, but appears in several custom maps such as Waste (pl_waste).
  • The Tower, when in motion, makes a jingle similiar to an ice cream truck.
  • The Tower featured faster speed when more inklings were riding it.[2]
  • In the current maps, Walleye Warehouse has the shortest tower track and Camp Triggerfish has the longest tower track.
  • There was a glitch where if the player is on a wall, and then a person jumps to that player, the player who jumped to the player will be sent right on the tower




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