The Tri-Slosher is a Main Slosher weapon in Splatoon. It was featured at 7.00 pm PT on September 25th, 2015.


The Tri-Slosher is a green bucket-like weapon. The primary way it differs from the standard Slosher is that its opening is separated into three sections. This causes the ink from it to disperse into three separate, weaker sloshes, covering a wider area than the standard Slosher. It comes with the Disruptor and Bubbler as its Sub and Special weapons, respectively and you aniquilate with the sub and special weapon

Weapon Quote

'The Tri-Slosher is a Slosher-type weapon with three angles of attack! The individual splashes lose a little bit of power, but the wide spread makes it very handy in a tight spot!'


Sloshers generally have mid range and can cover alot of space with ink very quickly. Sloshers also have an offensive purpose due to the large quantites of ink that can be chucked at one time

The Tri-Slosher may not have as good as range as the Slosher, but it does have greater handling meaning alot more chucks of ink can be done in a set number of time. It also has two other sections to compliment its main section so it has a greater width of ink spreading for each chuck. It has the side weapons of the Disruptor to put enemies in a difficult position and the Bubbler to get you out of sticky situations and to support your teammates.

Tips against each weapon type

  • Shooter-type weapons will vary as far as what specific weapon your enemy is using. For weapons like the Splash-o-matic , use your range and great handling to take care of them. For weapons with similar range like the Splattershot or that outrange you, it iis best to use your Disruptor to restrict their abilties then strike. You can also use the Bubbler to protect yourself then counter them
  • Roller-type can be tricky as their ink fling has similar range to your weapon.  Use your Disruptor to slow down their movements then use the Lightness of the Tri-Slosher to hit them twice before they can fling their ink. 
  • Charger-type weapons are going to be your most prominent issue, since this set has no clear way of dealing with them. The only real way to face a Charger is to get the jump on them, or team up against them with an ally. You can also your Bubbler to protect you from their fire.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese ヒッセン
Brush Washer
German 3R-Schwapper 3R Slosher


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