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The Trizooka is a Special Weapon that is available in Splatoon 3.

The Trizooka is a modified version of the special weapon once used in Inkopolis. It is a more powerful version than the inkzooka and fires more shots.

“It fires three blasts at once, and can be fired three times in total each use!" - Nintendo site

The Trizooka looks like an Inkzooka with the same green cannon but seems to have 3 ink tank attached to rear to fire it’s three shots. Each tank contains 3 shots that swirl in a spiral and there are 3 ink tanks so this special can fire 9 shots in total. As each blast is fired one ink tank is taken off. Once all three of them have been use, the special weapon will end. According to the trailers, this weapon looks like it doesn't cover much ground with ink. It is best to use this weapon on offense or defense rather than to cover ground.