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The music sources which is unknown to the public from the underground, finally come out under the sun!
— Turquoise October's Articles

Turquoise October (Japanese: OCTOTOOL) is a musical band in Splatoon, and Splatoon 2. They are not seen or referred to in-game, only credited on Splatune for their music.




Name Artist Music Track
"Eight-Legged Advance" Turquoise October
"Tentacular Circus" Turquoise October
"Cephaloparade" Turquoise October
"Inkstrike Shuffle" Turquoise October
"Octoling Rendezvous" Turquoise October
"Octoweaponry" Turquoise October

Splatoon 2

Name Artist Music Track
"The Girl From Inkopolis" Turquoise October
"Octo Eight-Step" Turquoise October
"Buoyant Boogie" Turquoise October
"Shooting Starfish" Turquoise October
"Octarmaments" Turquoise October


  • Turquoise October's album art is unusual in that the text on it resembles their name in English localizations (looking like "TURQUIOZ OCTOBER"), rather than the original Japanese name.
    • They are the second band in Splatoon to have their name changed for localization, after Chirpy Chips.
  • What the album, Man-Machine looks like

    The cover of their album is a reference to The Man-Machine, an electronic music album composed by German band Kraftwerk.
  • Turquoise October's name may be a reference to Tom Clancy's The Hunt for Red October, a novel involving naval officers and a submarine, reminiscent of the Great Turf War.
    • It's also a reference to American alternative rock band Blue October, simply changing the type of blue. One of Blue October’s most successful songs was titled “Into the Ocean” which fits with the oceanic theme of Splatoon as a whole.

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