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Splatoon tutorial
Type Single-player
Players 1
Ranked No
Weapons Splattershot Jr.
Controllers Gamepad Wii U pro controller JoyCon pro controller
Hey, you. Yeah, you! Wanna be the freshest squid on the block? We'll teach you some funky-fresh moves on the way to Inkopolis!
— Tutorial

The In-game Tutorial is a mode that can access to help the new players learning the basic controls and game mechanics after the players customized their Inkling.


The players will start in a skate park area with the default weapon - Splattershot Jr., and there will be some dialogues explaining the controls and tips each time the players moving forward, such as how to aim the balloons, dive in the ink, jump over a platform, throw a Splat Bomb etc. After arrived the goal press ZL to super jump to Inkopolis and start the game. 

However you can currently only play the tutorial once in the full game but you can play it again when a Global Testfire happens.


  • The Tutorial Area is used in "Stage 9: Unidentified Flying Object ~ Trouble over Inkopolis!" of Hero Mode.


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