Zaina Howard

aka Zaina Elaine Jessica

  • I live in Lost Outpost
  • I was born on July 18
  • My occupation is Freelance musician
  • I am Female

In Other Languages

Chinese: 扎伊纳·霍华德

Japanese: ゼイーナ・ハワダ

Arabic: زينة هوارد

About me!

Salmonid Army Background

I joined the Salmonid Army at 14 for a volunteer project. Like most Salmonids, I started out as a Snatcher. I was asked to dye my hair blue (it was pretty!). I had a very good attitude when I was helping out. Man, I was returning like 200 Golden Eggs a week! After only around two months, my commander and friend Geiurgette (last name undisclosed for privacy reasons) promoted me to join the front lines.

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